Pixel Power Caption Generator

Clarity was developed by Pixel Power to be a powerful solution for character generation and still image storage for television broadcasters and post production companies. Offered in both standard and high definition configurations, Clarity is the only product available which can simultaneously broadcast both standard and high definition from a single system

To convey the quality and functionality of the design Pixel Power commissioned JED to carry out the complete design of its enclosure. Because of the manufacturing volumes the design consists of two Polyurethane front panels and a sheetmetal rear case. The upper front panel hinges in order to access various data transfer devices.

To visually lift the design above those of its competitors it has a blue lit band on the front that it used to illuminate the LED display.

The design has been extremely well received and has won two ‘Best in Show awards.
Subsequent Pixel Power products used the aesthetic developed for the Clarity as the basis for their visual design.

Client: Pixel Power Ltd