Unisto Manta

The Unisto Manta is a security device that is used as an electronic seal to secure trucks' loads. It is mounted to the rear of the vehicle and a high tensile steel cable is then threaded through the door opening mechanism. Both ends of this cable are held captive by the Manta's rotating knob and each time this is turned to release the cable a four digit seal number is randomly generated. The Manta records the time and date each sealing took place and this data can be downloaded by infrared for later analysis.
The Manta is extremely rugged and completely waterproof, as it has to resist all weather conditions and aggressive cleaning. The cable retention also has to be absolutely tamper proof. This meant that the case had to be very carefully designed and for strength it was moulded in a 30% glass filled Nylon.
The case mouldings were tooled in-house at Unisto's factory in Switzerland. This is extremely unusual these days as most of our clients use our Chinese toolmaking and moulding contacts to have their products tooled at costs that are approximately 30% of European ones.

Client: Unisto Ltd