C-Reality Telecine

The C-Reality Telecine is used to transfer film onto video, to manipulate images and to generate a number of creative effects. It is Cintelís latest and most sophisticated machine and was developed to enhance their position as world leader in this sector of the broadcast industry.

Prior to the C-Reality JED carried out the aesthetic and casing design of the Ursa Gold in 1993 and Klone in 1995.

As C-Reality is made in relatively low volumes its casing is constructed from sheetmetal, GRP, Polyurethane, and precision sand castings. Rubber keymat technology was then used to create a bespoke button set for the product. The case design also incorporates a powered lower access door that operates when the main door is opened.

The machine is used by highly specialised operators working in film and television post-production companies. A strong, sophisticated, and robust aesthetic was therefore developed to satisfy their expectations of the product.

Client: Cintel International Ltd