Ritelight K9-30

The Ritelight K9-30 LED Portable Worklight is a fully integrated worklight system with adjustable light output pattern.
Ritelite are an established manufacturer of worklights and had developed a successful format that consisted of a light head mounted on a short length of pole which could be pivoted up in use. Although it was successful the product was quite basic and when you needed to increase the pole length additional sections, which had to be stored separately, were used along with a stabilising tripod. Also the light head could only produce a fixed lighting pattern which was problematic when changing from a job that required a focussed beam to one that needed a wider flood pattern.
The company approached John Ewans Design to re-design the product to address these issues and to compete with a design manufactured by ex-Ritelite employees which had recently entered the market.
Height adjustment is made by folding out the legs and adding in additional pole sections from the storage area in the base. To adjust the light output a sheet of Light Shaping Diffuser material can be wound across the lenses to vary the light output from a focussed beam to a flood pattern.

Client: Ritelite Systems Ltd
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