Oxford Optronix

Oxford Optronix's ColCount and GelCount colony counters replace time consuming and subjective manual counting methods and bring sizeable productivity gains to laboratories. Each sample is processed in less than 15 seconds, compared to the several minutes it takes doing it by traditional methods.
JED designed both the ColCounts's enclosure and its internal mechanisms while on the GelCount we solely designed its enclosure. On the GelCount the design included a motorised drawer and stage assembly, to allow rapid culture dish loading and unloading, and a user variable stage mechanism to accommodate different culture dishes.
On both products a strong visual identity was needed to reflect the innovative nature of the products and convey a perceived value in keeping with their selling prices. The designs also needed to be seen as cutting edge and technologically advanced.
The cases were designed as RIM Polyurethane mouldings with backlit top panels to indicate activity within the units and to give them a distinctive visual character.

Client: Oxford Optronix Ltd